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by AaronNM_65

Okay so i did this for work at school but wanted to upload it. In 1945 Colonel tibbets was a guy who flew a plane called the Enola Gay over the japanese town of Hiroshima and bombed it the bomb was called the little boy:

I fly over Hiroshima in the Enola Gay armed only with a bomb called the Little Boy. I do not know much about it only that it is one of a kind and truly devastating! I have been told that my mission will be a massive contributing factor to the end of the war to the the final end of the war. Hopefully now Japan will surrender to us, if not there will be more bombs like this one.

We are at the target location now, and the photographer plane next to me gives me the thumbs up to initiate the attack. I slowly move my index finger toward the the button. The time space before I push it feels like a decade even though I know it’s not. Now my heart is racing , like a horse, fighting to break out my chest. My hands feel as if buckets of water are tipping on to them as I press the release button. Now I struggle to think, as I see a large black shape drop towards the ground. The Captain of the photographer plane shouts, “Get the hell out of there now,” over the crackling radio.

I turn the plane around just as i see a blinding orange light through my special goggles, and then hear a loud bang; it is a cacophony so immense that it hurts my ear drums. Then I wonder what is happening to the plane, as it starts to shake uncontrollably. I try to ignore the shaking as much as I can as I fly over the East China Sea. I just want to get home to my family, and try not to think about the devastation I have caused, as much as I can, although I cannot shake it off my mind. I feel like my are drenched with blood as I think of all the people I have killed. Then i think of the families who would have dead relatives and I feel their grief as they do.

Colonel Paul Tibbets



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